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Are you a business owner?

Adding a planner as a physical product could give you a worthwhile additional income stream, not to mention an incredibly valuable skill (once you have the design process nailed, the possibilities are almost limitless) 

In the "Design Your Perfect Planner" masterclass I'll share expert insights into: 
💥 strategy: what type of planner will you create?
💥 specifications: size, format, colour or black & white?
💥 design process: all done with Canva & PowerPoint 
💥 automated addition of calendars / dates (saves lots of time!) 
💥 printing:  important points to remember
💥 selling: platforms to consider 

plus this fabulous BONUS:
🎯 the exact Canva and PowerPoint templates I've used to create one of my own planners - edit them with your own colours, fonts, text & images for super speedy planner design!

DESIGN YOUR PERFECT PLANNER is ideal for coaches, therapists, consultants and trainers who want to establish a strong personal brand by building a portfolio of merchandise so that they stay top of mind with their clients and regularly attract new leads, without having to buy in bulk or learn complex software.  

A branded planner is one of the best ways to keep your name at the front of your clients' minds as they open it each day to keep track of appointments and schedules and carry it with them to meetings - plus you have the additional possibility of online sales to your targeted audience not to mention a great gift idea!

Sign up for "Design Your Perfect Planner" now and make your planner dreams a reality. 

NB: this workshop was originally recorded for members of my Print On Demand Merchandise Academy. 

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, welcome to "Design Your Perfect Planner"

In this module you'll find 3 video tutorials, a list of useful links and a set of editable templates that'll get you off to a fast start with your planner design. 

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