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Online Courses Made Easy

Are you thinking of creating an online course?
Do you feel like this?

I have the solution. 
Online courses are in huge demand and you don't need to be a top expert or guru to run one! All you need is to know 10-15% more about your topic than the average person in your audience.

ONLINE COURSES MADE EASY is a brand new masterclass for beginners, teaching how to create your first online course using Canva and a free video recording app.

No complex tech or fancy course hosting platforms necessary, and definitely no overwhelm!

This masterclass includes 8 short, informative video tutorials (plus presentation slides and fillable worksheet), covering various aspects of creating and sharing online courses easily.

The tutorials are sequentially organised, guiding viewers through topics such as course creation, screen recording tools, recording in Canva or PowerPoint, uploading videos, creating Canva documents, and sharing course links.

Whether you're new to online course creation or looking to try a new way, this masterclass provides valuable insights and practical tips to streamline the entire process.

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